Reservations can be made on our website and may be canceled 24 hours in advance.

Walk-ins will be accepted but will be limited due to fewer tables and limited properly spaced waiting areas. Guests without reservations must provide name and contact information per government guidance.

At your table, you will find a QR code, which, after scanning with your phone, will give you access to our contactless menu. If you still feel you need a physical menu, we will have printed ones, which will only be used by you and discarded afterward.

Every table will be 6ft apart from each other, so you will have enough space to feel comfortable with your party.

We will have gloves available, in case you'd like to use them to open doors, etc. Every door handle is also periodically sanitized by our staff, during, before, and after service. 

We have many hand sanitizer dispensers around the restaurant for you to use freely.

All of us will be using gloves and masks all the time. Please rest assured that behind the mask, there is a big smile on our faces.

We add a 8% charge to all checks as a result of COVID-related costs such as PPE and competitive hourly wages for our staff. Please keep in mind, this is not a gratuity, this is a surcharge to support our restaurant and staff during these times. 

What we ask from you:

Don't come if you don't feel well. But please, let us know in advance.

Please arrive on time. Not late, nor early. We want to make sure we don't create unnecessary crowds of people waiting outside the restaurant.

Bring a Mask! You will need one to walk into the restaurant and when you walk to the restrooms. If you don't have one, we will provide you with one, just let us know!

Please remember that every reservation has a 2-hour seating limit. There will be another party coming after you, and we don't want to make them wait.

We know that many of you still don't feel ready to return to a restaurant.  That's why we will continue offering our Take Out & Delivery Services.


Orders can still be placed through our website as well as our delivery partners.

Thanks, again, for all your support during these times and our new journey as ala.


Dear ala family,

We are so happy to open our doors to you as ala!

As we still try to learn and adapt to life in the COVID era, we wanted to share our precautions and regulations with you.