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Levantine Experience

unique food | rare drinks | loving hospitality,



Welcome to ala ! 

Welcome to ala, the premier location for Levantine Cuisine in the heart of Washington, DC - Dupont Circle.

We are named after the word ala, a Turkish saying that translates to a mix of all the colors. This idea represents the journey we are each on to taste the many cultures & recipes from different areas of the world while inviting people in from all backgrounds.

We offer the full Levant experience - everything from mouth-watering cooking to specialty wine, liquor, and cocktails... 


Many Colors.

Many Tastes.

Many People.

One Place.


We welcome you to experience ala: where unique food, rare drinks, loving hospitality, and an atmosphere of color and excitement will greet you.



When you join us at ala, we want you to feel the overwhelming sense of being one with a variety of colors. From the colors of the ingredients you are enjoying or the cocktails you are sipping to the colorful expressions of each of our team members & guests who surround you, ala provides an experience for everyone who enters. 

We focus on cooking & mixology from the Levant, an area of the world that has a long history and a colorful past. Over 10,000 years ago, it was in the Levant that humans began their first trial with agriculture - where cities, irrigation, and civilization later followed. What came next were the first diners, table settings, and menus. It was then that the first members of our human race settled in excitedly for their very first served meals. At ala, we remember this journey as we take a path of new flavors and scents all while in an environment of bringing the human race together - through color, food, drinks, and love.

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