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Levantine Experience

unique food | rare drinks | loving hospitality,

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Welcome to ala ! 


Welcome to ala, the premier location for Levantine Cuisine in the heart of Washington, DC - Dupont Circle.

We are named after the word ala, a Turkish saying that translates to a mix of all the colors. This idea represents the journey we are each on to taste the many cultures & recipes from different areas of the world while inviting people in from all backgrounds.

We offer the full Levant experience - everything from mouth-watering cooking to specialty wine, liquor, and cocktails... 


Many Colors.

Many Tastes.

Many People.

One Place.


We welcome you to experience ala: where unique food, rare drinks, loving hospitality, and an atmosphere of color and excitement will greet you.



When you join us at ala, we want you to feel the overwhelming sense of being one with a variety of colors. From the colors of the ingredients you are enjoying or the cocktails you are sipping to the colorful expressions of each of our team members & guests who surround you, ala provides an experience for everyone who enters. 

Derived from the French word “Levant” (rising sun). The phrase Levantine was first used roughly 500 years ago to refer to people living or working near the Mediterranean Sea. Often, Levantine people were known for engaging in business deals with the East (then Ottoman Empire) and the West (Europe). 

Times were changing, and the Middle East was threatened by the merging of Eastern and Western life. Many feared this would taint the rich culture and traditions of the Mediterranean people. As a result, people labeled as Levantine were not considered fully Middle Eastern or fully European. Often seen as “culturally impure”.

Like many other minority groups, oppression brought the Levantine people closer together. Art, literature, languages, and foods were shared, and as a result, a new culture was formed. 

This culture has changed shape and name since then. as in the whole world. It is a kitchen that we can say has enriched itself by preserving its essence in all these changes.


We focus on cooking & mixology from the Levant, an area of the world that has a long history and a colorful past. Over 10,000 years ago, it was in the Levant that humans began their first trial with agriculture - where cities, irrigation, and civilization later followed. What came next were the first diners, table settings, and menus. It was then that the first members of our human race settled in excitedly for their very first served meals. At ala, we remember this journey as we take a path of new flavors and scents all while in an environment of bringing the human race together - through color, food, drinks, and love.

According to Deniz, ala is a place with a mission.

From Deniz;

It is necessary to tell a little about the culture we grew up in. The guest is very valuable to us. If there are guests, dishes and tables cannot be ordinary. We grew up with proverbs about hospitality and the applications of these words. You don't know whether it is good or bad. But today this allows us to do our job with love. Authentic Middle East hospitality is perfectly compatible with the restaurant and service industry. We care about all our guests. Because our soul is like this.

When I moved to America, I noticed how fast-paced everything runs; maybe keeping our culture alive is not very realistic in today's conditions. But I don't want to cut out the parts that bring us joy, the parts that keep us alive. Hospitality and our healthy meals come at the top of what I want to keep alive. This is why I wanted to bring the Turkish dining experience here but this idea still was weak. Then we thought that something more should be added to Turkish cuisine. So we decided to experience the kitchens of the neighboring Middle Eastern countries.


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